Caution…you’d better duck!
Playaways are flying off the shelves at WDFPL!
Playaways are digital audiobooks in a self contained portable unit.


The small easy to handle preloaded audiobooks are funded by a literacy grant made possible in whole or part by the New Jersey State Library, an affiliate of Thomas Edison State College with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act.

Hmmm…why are they so popular?  Library users could download a vast array of audiofiles from the WDFPL website remotely.  This service is made possible by participating libraries and the South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative (SJRLC). Powered by OverDrive® Digital Library Reserve™ .  This is also cool service.  Ahhh a post for another day.

Could it be the grab and go mind set so popular in today’s culture?  How many people start the morning at Wawa or Starbucks rather than brewing that “wake up cup of coffee? in their own kitchen?

The Ipod like units use AAA batteries, supplied with each Playaway, to keep the content moving.  WDFPL supplies lanyards so users can wear Playaways while in motion.

2 Responses to “Playaways”

  1. Walt Says:

    Notes on the Playaway audiobooks

    The sound quality of the system is good and does not skip as the player is moved about. When stationary or walking the player can hang around the neck on the lanyard and is quite comfortable. When fast walking or jogging it is best to carry the player in a pocket as the movement is distracting, although the sound quality is not diminished.

    The controls on the player are user friendly once you are familiar with them. The display screen is small. The screen flashes alternately the chapter being read and the minutes left in that chapter. It is easy to skip back and forth between chapters. When the player is paused or turned off it resumes at the point where playing stopped. It should be noted that if the player is turned off form more than a day or two it will revert to the beginning. Thus it is always good to remember the chapter being listened to.

  2. Caroline Says:

    We appreciate hearing all of your wonderful feedback on Playaway! This product was designed to deliver a promise of simple and immediate access to content – and we are happy to hear that patrons across the country are excited to be checking out Playaway at their local library.

    Walt did an excellent job of hitting on the benefits of Playaway from both its ultra-portable size and the all-age user friendliness of the controls. Playaway digital audiobooks can fit into any listeners lifestyle.

    We are overwhelmed by the strong response we have had from libraries. In fact, in a recent survey 99% of our library customers said they would recommend Playaway to another library. This truly validates the Playaway format and its benefits!

    Due to the overwhelming response the Playaway product has received, we look forward to increasing the number of titles and types of content offered on Playaway. Feel free to send us suggestions at in the ‘Contact Us’ menu selection.

    Happy Listening,
    Director of Marketing