It’s a Terrible Day…Thanks be to God by Father Michael Doyle

It’s a Terrible Day…Thanks be to God by Father Michael Doyle as reviewed by Walt Pierson

This book is a collection of monthly letters by Father Doyle sent to friends. It includes a lot about the sad situation of Camden as a dumping ground of things that no one else in the county wants, i.e. the regional sewage treatment plant, an incinerator, a concrete crushing plant, a state prision, etc.

On the lighter side is a fair amount of material about Ireland and Father Doyle’s upbringing and visits there. A documentation of his ancestry reveals much about the history of Ireland. There are some cogent comments about our government and some of the situations that we have been subjected to over the past century.

The book holds out hope tempered by a realistic assessment of current conditions. Especially moving are the letters regarding the appalling number of homicides in Camden and the memorial marches to the scene of each murder. The book is a living documentary of the past several years in Camden as well as a good number of other topics.

(A copy of the book is in the collection of the West Deptford Free Public Library. Copies may be purchased by writing to The Heart of Camden Housing Corp. 1742 Ferry Ave. Camden, NJ 08104. All proceeds from the sale of the book benefit that Corp. The price is $20 + $4.50 postage and handling. Checks should be payable to the Corp)

One Response to “It’s a Terrible Day…Thanks be to God by Father Michael Doyle”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Father Doyle:

    I have heard so many good things about you from a friend of yours Joe McOscar. He just said that you were the best and really into the church and its people.
    I am a SW presently and work with children who truly need a tender touch in their lives.
    I will get the movie and I am certain it will truly be very interesting.
    God Bless.