MicroMessaging, Why Great Leadership is Beyond Words

Reviewed by Carolyn Wood 

Stephen Young, an organizational development specialist and formerly the Chief Diversity Officer at JP Morgan Chase where he directed the worldwide diversity strategy for the company resulting in JP Morgan Chase winning many awards including Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Companies for Minorities, uncovers the power of “micromessaging.?

Don’t be too surprised to learn that the author is not discussing electronic communication of any form.  Micromessaging is transmitted by humans through subtle behaviors such as glancing, gestures, voice intonation and inflection that communicate more effectively than the actual words that are spoken.

Have you ever felt instantly at ease with a person?  The rapport and level of comfort you feel when communicating with a certain person could be a result of the micromessaging you are both expressing.  In contrast, have you encountered individuals that seem remote and distant no matter how you reach out to them?  Here too, there may be more at work than a clash of personalities.  Stephen Young details how to reset the “filters? you use to “screen? others based on research from MIT and his experience with worldwide leaders. 

The enlightening book is a quick read that provides tips for honing your own mircomessaging and building an awareness of the micomessaging of others we meet and interact with in personal and professional arenas of society.

I hope you can visualize me smiling and nodding in approval of this selection.  If so, you are absorbing my micromessaging!

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