PHENOMENOM by Sylvia Browne with Lyndsay Harrison

 Reviewed by Joan Badie

PHENOMENOM  Everything You Need to Know About the Paranormal  is patterned on a dictionary listing every possible term in the paranormal/psychic realm.  It is supposedly non-fiction, yet I feel much of it IS fiction, or at best, fantasy of the author.

Sylvia Browne is very well known as a psychic, hypnotist, teacher and now leader of her very own church.  She comes across as a genuine psychic, interesting and earnest with a great sense of humor.  However, to me, she is a fallen-away Catholic who has taken on the aura of a mystic teacher who wants to thrust upon others her comfortable ideas of a God (who never did have the Justice feature) who is also feminine, who does not punish, who has not created a hell and demons, though Sylvia describes an Underworld of seven levels of monsters, evil spirits up to fairies and a banished first “Eve? called Lilith.  Yet that is not to her, hell.  Sylvia is happy to recall her Catholic days.  She believes in Jesus.  She feels the Blessed Mother and her apparitions in the world are really the Mother or female part of God.  She describes seven levels of the white spirit world with the seventh level as a uniting with God Himself.  Jesus preached to all to give up the world and follow Him, to be united with the Father through Him. Sylvia states she does not want to enter the seventh level.  The book does open up a whole new realm of various stages of existence.  It is fascinating, yet terrible.  One can sense the error of her imaginings.

Sylvia expresses “affirmations? rather than prayers, such as “I will love myself completely today, regarding myself with pride and honor……..?  She describes Gardens, Towers, a Scanning Machine and a multitude of souls shining their white lights along with the white light of the Holy Spirit.  She says even the most evil humans, such as Hitler, just go back into the uterus of an unsuspecting mother on earth.  Yet, reading her works, it seems every one of us plans a chart that includes choosing parents, children and loved ones to meet on earth.  She says we live many lives to learn something every time around, yet we can do absolutely nothing to help the lost dark souls, like Hitler. Since the Bible and ancient religion teaches the devils fell from heaven because of pride, I wonder about these “affirmations.?  I wonder if perhaps her spirit guide “Francine? which Sylvia invites to use her body in a “channeling process,? is not perhaps an evil spirit.

This book has a definition for every type of paranormal circumstance.  Sylvia even describes her own out-of-body experience.  In that, she is stopped before she leaves the tunnel by her grandmother, Ada, who extends her hand in a STOP position, and a voice from her room brings her back to her bed.  My interpretation is that her dear grandmother is urging her to STOP her prideful inclinations to her own religion and a consequent loss of heaven for eternity.  Jesus, in whom she believes, invites us to pray, “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name,..? before we get to our selves and even then..?Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, ……?   Sylvia’s emphasis on self and spirits send us on a tangent. Multiple dimensions? Dark and light spirits, fairies, gnomes and monsters?  Reincarnation?  Flying by night astrally with silver cords? Maybe.  However, I feel we need to stay on course, through Jesus, to be good, lead others to Heaven and along the way learn what lessons need learning.  I do not feel one must live (Sylvia is in her 54th reincarnation.) many lives to learn the basics of existence.

PHENOMENON represents more fiction than fact, to my understanding.

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