USA, The People and the Land by James A. Michener

Reviewed by Joan Badie

USA reveals a bit of the author’s past and illustrates his great intelligence, perceptiveness and ability to capture the essence of the country, its people, its history and place in the world.  It’s a composite of interviews ranging from the great leaders of our time including an astronaut to everyday citizens such as a female, high school dropout carpenter.  

 A real overview of our society is depicted.  There is much to be sorry for in our great country.  Our people excelled because of the vitality and determination of immigrants.  But, today there are many citizens who do not contribute but look to take from society. 

Stories about Mark Twain are intertwined with the description of Mississippi and Missouri.  Mining in the Midwest contains many eye-opening photos.  Cities are explained as well as described.  The Northeast, Western States, the South and Alaska are all covered.

James A. Michener did a great job on this book.

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