Galileo’s Daughter by Dava Sobel

Reviewed by Rose

This story is a historical memoir of science, faith and love. Galileo upholds each and everyone. Sobel is a brilliant story teller. She credits Galileo with astronomy, history, navigation, and more which of course is factual.

In this story, Galileo believes the sun is the center of the Universe which is depicted and defined as “heresy.� Find out who it is that opposes this reasoning. The story deals with the “Bubonic Plague.� There is quite a lot of discussion on his book, “Dialogue� published in 1633. His children play a very important role; he has two daughters and one son. His most affectionate and caring daughter is S. Marie Celeste who is in the convent and writes to her father just about daily.

There is much I have not revealed. Keep in mind this story takes place from late 1500 to about 1645. The book is an education. It’s a real gem and I disliked it coming to an end.

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