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Help the Poor Struggle By Martha Grimes

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

There are bodies of children popping up. First in Dorset; one Simon Riley, in his school uniform; then in Wynchoombe a choir boy found in the church, Davey White; the third body was a little girl named Angela Thorne, found on the beach with her dog Mickey. Brian Macalvie, chief superintendent is in change of the second case, so Jury and Wiggins are working with him. The five “Alls� usually shows five fingers representing authority. I pray for all: priest, I plead for all: barrister, I fight for all: military, I rule all: judges and the fifth is the devil who takes All. Macalvie seems to think the murders are all connected to these signs. Mr. Thorne is a solicitor; Davey’s granddad a vicar, Mr. Riley’s relative is Q.C. running for parliament. Lady Jessica Ashcroft is heir to millions an millions Uncle Robert is her guardian. Jury checks the will to see who gets what. He thinks Jessie is next target, so he sends Plant to guard her undercover. Jessie’s father had killed Rose Mulvanney, who had two daughters Teresa who is five and Mary who is fifteen. Teresa went wacko and was at the funny farm for twenty years. They let her out and she killed the other kids on her way to kill Jess but Mary stopped her. Tess couldn’t go after the father because he was already dead.

Sam Waterhouse was accused and convicted of Rose’s murder and sent to jail for twenty years. Macalvie always know he was innocent. Tess took a job as governess to Jessie, the Sam actually saved Jessie from Tess. Mary was a photographer going by the name of Molly Singer’ only Macalvie knew who she really was. Jessie had a little dog named Henry.

Published in 1985