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American Angels @ WDFPL

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Reviewed by Lynn Hoffman













What a wonderful CD to have in our collection, especially now that we are fortunate to have the Smithsonian’s New Harmonies exhibit in our library.  This exhibit traces our American musical heritage known as ‘roots music.’ The American Angels CD highlights one aspect of that music, namely Anglo-American spiritual vocals. On the CD, four women with amazing voices, sing songs of hope, Redemption and glory dating from the American Revolution to the late 1800’s. Their voices have a crystal clear tone that lends itself well to this type of music.  Many of the songs are recognizable gospel
songs such as Sweet, By and By, We Shall Gather, By the River and Amazing Grace. Also included on the CD are folk hymns, camp revival songs and psalm setting songs.

Along with the CD comes a booklet that gives a short, but excellent history of early colonial spiritual music.  It explains the traditions which began in rural New England and then later migrated to the rural South.

I enjoyed this CD very much.Not only are the songs inspirational but one also gets to experience a snippet of our great American musical history.

This review is posting in conjunction with the Museum on Main Street initiative.

Tina Fey @ your library

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

National Library Week is in full swing and Tina Fey will be at the Philadelphia Free Public Library Book Festival tonight.  I understand tickets were sold out in ten minutes.  Luckily, I was able to check out Bossypants from the Woodbury Public Library located close by as the West Deptford Free Public Library does not yet own a copy.  Ok, my husband picked up the book and checked it out on his card.  As a librarian, I usually leave my card in the library at the circulation desk for quick check outs. 

Reading the library book last night made me feel close to Tina Fey’s book talk and signing even though I knew I could not attend.  I am unsure as to whether friending the Philadelphia Free Public Library on facebook or following the library on Twitter would have provided the same connection as reading Bossypants page by page.  I briefly considered browsing for a the ebook as the arms on the cover of the hard copy do freak me out, I rationalize that they belong to Lorne Michaels or Don Fey.  If you add in the Baldwin possibility choices become too complicated.  They can’t be Tina’s because let’s face it, she is not strong-arming anyone.

The book is a fun read with a nostalgic feel.  The scary part of the book is that it is not that different from Sarah Palin’s first biography.  I’m sure it is the photo essay style that draws the parallel rather than the actual content. I suspect the dynamic duo’s conversational dialogue may bring commonality to women of today. 

Young women may relate to one woman or the other as neither story is so far to the left or right that the main character moves completely out to the margin of the page.  Mature women may appreciate the “been there done that” humorous yet honest reflection Tina shares on a personal level.  Believe me, I give the woman credit for sharing breastfeeding and Growing Up and Liking It stories.   Locally in the early 70s we thanked Scott Paper for this title:
 World of a Girl

My favorite section of Bossypants beginning on page 121 is entitled “Producing is about discouraging creativity.”  I just need to clarify one point –Tina, you’re talking media, not mommying right? 

Wish I could be there tonight and if a signed copy makes its way to West Deptford Free Public Library shelves, all I can say is Thank You!