The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers

Friday afternoon, I hoped to write a review about Kevin Powers’ book, The Yellow Birds.  Luckily, or unluckily, the West Deptford Free Public Library’s copy of the book was checked out, leading me to recall hearing the author was speaking in the tri-state area.  Let’s not discuss my guilt for not getting over to the Free Library of Philadelphia for Kevin Powers’ May 16, 2013 Author Event.  It is really neither here nor there as a podcast of the event is available online. The Free Library of Philadelphia has done a wonderful service archiving recent Author Events.

The Yellow Birds

I became immersed in the author’s story a few months ago while reading the book and again on Friday, May 24, 2013, as I listened to the veteran’s podcast.  Reading The Yellow Birds offered me a glimpse into a cathartic journey resolving personal conflict without naming the steps.  I was particularly impacted by the passage chronicling an active soldier’s reaction to a medic’s demise on the battlefield.

Listening to Kevin’s voice urged me toward continued faith in peaceful resolution.


I thank the author for protecting us.   


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