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The Giver of Stars by Jo Jo Moyes

Thursday, September 10th, 2020

Reviewed by Doris Eith

Set in the Depression era, Alice is married to Bennet Van Cleve and lives in a small town in Kentucky. She was unhappy in England with her husband and overbearing father-in-law. Alice seeks a better life and eagerly signs on as the WPA Backpack Librarian along with four other women who travel the mountain bringing books to others. Each woman get to know the backwoods families on the route who depend on the traveling librarians. Each woman has issues as they put in grueling 15 hour days to help other people.

Margery is the organizer who has a unique personality as do the other ladies as they adjust to the way of life. Relationships and everyday life is about hardship, friendship, justice, passion and loyalty. The story is funny and heartbreaking. Based on a true event, I couldn’t put it down and await the movie.

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The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian

Thursday, July 9th, 2020

AMAZING, fast-moving thriller starting with alcoholic, beautiful stewardess, Cassie, engaging in a one-night stand in Dubai with fellow American financier, Alexander Sokolov, who is murdered by Russian spy, Elena, who slices his throat but spares Cassie, as he is out from alcohol by his side.  Cassie wakes up, attempts cleanup and leaves not knowing if she did the awful deed, but sure it is not in her to murder.

Intrigue continues unabated, bringing in her sister, husband and their children, more one night stands and binges and winds up in Rome where Elena is tracking her to finish her off at her superiors’ insistence. Windup: Spy kills Elena in her room same way she executed Alex, then proceeds to attack Cassie, who is saved by bartender lover found in Rome.

Cassie is urged by savior to call hotel security, but attacker spy says call FBI to save you and me from Russian spy execution in future, so Cassie does and last few pages reveals happy ending when the two meet in separate protection lives and Cassie confides how happy she is in her new sober life with Alex’s baby, she named Masha.

Read in one day.  Great author.
by Joan Badie

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